Video: A government apologist with fluent English at BBC HardTalk

A senior advisor to President Erdoğan, Gülnur Aybet was at BBC HardTalk. She could accept a few criticisms but no. She denied any mistakes. The Turkish government is no less than an angel and we are deceived by international organizations by making us believe that there are any journalists in jail and academics are fired. There is a new breed of apologists with Western education/ diplomas, with relatively good English to whitewash government deeds. Well, power attracts.


journalismm Organizations Comment on Erdoğan’s Threat to TV Anchor Fatih Portakal

Representatives from journalism organizations have commented on the threatening statements of President
Erdoğan to TV Anchor Portakal: This Nation Will Hit You in the Back of Your Neck

Erdoğan has threatened Fatih Portakal, whom he accuses of calling people to streets, saying “If you do not know your

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