Ups and downs between Turkey and the US in the last couple days…

In just a few days, As Flynn Case Winds Down, Investigation of Turkish Lobbying Persists and a Turkish businessman are among the indicted. It seems that Ekim Alptekin is a significant person in the eyes of Turkish government apologists as they were quick to denounce the indictment. Some explicitly said it was a matter of (Turkish) national interest, of course, he would do whatever necessary.
Whatever the process, Trump administration quickly moved to appease Turkish leadership: Retreat from Syria – I assume Kurdish guerrillas might be feeling betrayed- again- and Patriot missile sale approval…
US approves Patriot missile sale worth $3.5bn to Turkey

The State Department says it had informed the US Congress of plans to sell a Patriot missile package to Turkey.
The New York Times – ADAM GOLDMAN and MARK MAZZETTI – Dec 17, 7:26 AM

WASHINGTON — Two former business associates of Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s first national security adviser, have been indicted as part of a federal investigation into Turkey’s secret 2016 lobbying campaign to pressure the United

Trump did not tell Erdoğan he would extradite Gülen: White House official

President Donald Trump did not commit during a meeting with Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan at the G20 summit two
Former Michael Flynn Business Associates Indicted in Turkey Lobbying Case

The indictment is further evidence of a crackdown on unregistered foreign lobbying growing from the inquiry by Robert S.
Judge delays Michael Flynn sentencing for lying to FBI

Lock him up. Donald Trump’s disgraced former national security advisor Gen. Michael Flynn went to court today to be
Michael Flynn associate charged with illegal lobbying for Turkey

Bijan Rafiekian was indicted on charges including failing to register as a foreign agent A one-time business partner of the

Turkey Threatens New Incursion Into Syria

Turkey moved troops to the border, raising the possibility of an inadvertent confrontation with American forces in the
The New York Times – Mark Mazzetti – Dec 5, 4:35 PM

WASHINGTON — Federal prosecutors in Virginia are investigating a secret Turkish lobbying effort that once involved Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser, even as Mr. Flynn’s role in the special counsel’s investigation winds


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