Guess with whom I met in Seattle: @nerdseyeview

Yes, I am on a trip. I flew to Seattle 2 days ago. I have been meaning to see Seattle for ages and it definitely did not disappoint me. Tomorrow I take a train trip to Portland – another city I was very curious about- and after only staying a day- because there is a conference back in Irvine- I am taking another but very long train trip to San Jose. It is a scenic route, so I hope I will survive the 19-hour train trip. Then I will take a Flixbus to go back to Irvine. If Flixbus is as comfortable as it seems, I may take other bus trips later.

Well, I am lazy now to talk about Seattle- which I kind of find it as a better New York- less crowded, more spacious and having a proper waterfront among other things- but I must mention that I finally met face to face with Pam. We have been connected for more than a decade thanks to another blogger friend Di Mackey. We are from another age and we are still happy to keep our blogs. I hope Pam will succeed in her book projects!

I must also tell about a cafe which I accidentally found out:

Uptown Espresso Gameporium – Delridge

People gather to play board games. It is a cafe for game nerds. I loved it. I spent hours there and now I am packing up to continue on my trip. I so much wish the train trips will be good enough:)


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