#Europe agenda: “The Police ignored Brexit campaign evidence for months…

Revealed: Met Police ignored Brexit campaign evidence for months

Scotland Yard claimed it didn’t receive key evidence about Leave campaigns until September. But the evidence was ready from May. They just didn’t bother to collect it.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan was told by the Met that it hadn’t “recieved” the documents, when really the police just hadn’t bothered to pick them up. Image, Lee, Flickr, some rights reserved.

Pirate Party enters parliament in Luxembourg, gets 17% in Prague

Pirate Parties: This past weekend, elections were held in Luxembourg and the Czech Republic. The Pirate Party of Luxembourg tripled their support and entered the Luxembourg Parliament with two MPs, and in the Czech Republic, the Pirate Party increased their support further – now receiving a full 17% in Prague.

An aerial shot of the 700,000 Brexit protestors in London
150.000+ on the streets in Germany today for human rights, freedom and solidarity last week. via Reddit.

Green Party rises amid bands, beer and Brezel of Baravia election

Why a Green surge could see the party make significant gains in Germany’s traditionally most conservative state.

[Opinion] Six ways EU can reform its election observation missions

By getting the politics of electoral observation right, the EU can prevent it electoral observation missions becoming a tool for regime survival.

Spain: ‘Biblical’ flash floods hit Mallorca, 10 dead, 1 missing child

Ten people have been killed and a child is still missing as heavy rain and flash floods lashed the Mediterranean holiday island of Majorca, Spanish authorities confirmed Wednesday, 10 October. The island was hit by devastating floods overnight, with torrential rainstorms hitting the town of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, about 40 miles east of the capital Palma. Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez told citizens gathered in Sant Llorenç that an emergency cabinet meeting will pass two reports (one from the ministry of interior and another from the ministry of public administrations) to declare a disaster zone for Majorca, reported local broadcaster IB3 Notícies. Antonia Bauzá, the deputy mayor of Sant Llorenç, told Radio Mallorca that two of the victims were British nationals. They were travelling in a taxi when a river burst its banks.

In Pictures: London Tattoo Convention 2018

Relive the sights and the skin of this year’s London Tattoo Convention

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