From Eskişehir to Kreuzberg, a few busy days

Kreuzberg. a mosque, a bar, a gay bar and a Turkish nationalist society branch

I am writing to you from a newly opened Turkish owned cafe in Kreuzberg, Berlin. A predominantly Turkish district is now also home to countercultural circles and as you can guess all the place is changing now.- and now I am finishing it up at the Berlin Tegel airport, waiting for the flight to Istanbul.

Amsterdam en passant

On Tuesday, we had a workshop for journalists on efficient social media usage back in Eskişehir, Turkey. Then after a few hours of sleep, I was flying to Amsterdam from Istanbul for the NECS 2018 conference. Mostly cinema scholars are interested in this conference but this year’s theme focused on (digital) media tactics and we had our own workshop there. Then I flew to Berlin to meet my friends who have recently settled here.  Now I am flying back to Istanbul. In the meantime, I could meet with a former deputy, a few journalists and other professionals who have to live here in exile or who decided to live here.

From our workshop in Eskişehir…

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