Items banned by the Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest is Europe’s pinnacle of absurdly politicized trashy fun. It also has a substantial and rather bizarre list of banned items that shall not be brought to it, including golf balls, pliers, and shopping carts.

[Feature] Hungary activists defiant after ‘Soros Mercenaries’ attack

Immediately after Orban’s landslide victory in April, a list of so-called ‘Soros mercenaries’ was published by pro-government media. Those on it – mostly human rights defenders, activists and Orban critics – are now anxious but vow to continue.

Five times Macron ripped into Trumpism

President Emmanuel Macron used a speech to Congress to deliver several rebukes to his US counterpart.

Trump and Macron’s most touching moments

From air kisses to Oval Office grooming, the best bits from an unusually affectionate state visit.

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