This time, I could visit Sintra, half an hour away from Lisbon.
Just an ordinary view from one of the Lisbon squares thanks to some effects by Google Photos.

I have started writing this post in a great cafe, Copenhagen Coffee Lab, I have saved in my Foursquare lists two years ago but only yesterday I could visit. Lisbon is so peaceful, full of surprising side streets, beautiful locations. But it does not have many cafes that offer regular filter coffee. As many countries in this region, they have great espresso etc but I have waited a week to drink my first cup of filter coffee. (Americano made here tastes like shit.) Now I am finishing it up in the airport, in its a bit crowded lounge.

Anyway, let me focus on the good things- one more thing, the city is so hilly, you have to walk up at some point, there is no escape! This was the fifth time in Lisbon. The city remains to be one of my all-time favorite cities. I guess I could live here. It sometimes looks like Istanbul but before the brutal gentrification, she was exposed to.

We were here for a project what is called ICELAB 2018 – program. [Its pre-meeting was wonderful, too] A workshop in innovation, innovation,
creativity, and entrepreneurship. It started as an Erasmus IP project five years ago but after the first year participating 7 universities and their students pay the workshop costs. In previous years, we had the workshop in a place close to Cascais, half an hour away from Lisbon. This time, we were right in downtown, in the Museum of Communication. In previous years, the focus was particularly on local businesses but this it finally moved to more technological innovation so that I could contribute more. The theme was travel tech and I believe it was a smooth and productive workshop. I owe all this Lisbon affair to my colleague Gresi Sanje. As you know, I am more of a social scientist or internet study scholar than marketing and entrepreneurship scholar. Thanks to her, I was involved. Anyway, back to Istanbul and in the meantime back to finishing up an article on blogging!

Enjoy our ICELAB image album here and my own Lisbon escapades here.


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