The Istanbul95 project: Innovative data-based policy-making tool from @@TESEV2015 [in Turkish]…

Innovative data-based policy-making tool from TESEV


TESEV, in partnership with Bernard Van Leer Foundation and Kadir Has University Istanbul Studies Center has developed a unique policy tool.


The Istanbul95 project, which was implemented in Istanbul as part of the international Kent95 program of the Bernard Van Leer Foundation, is looking at the city at 95 centimeters. Home visits and parent training, child-friendly urban design, and a policy tool based on data are the three pillars of this project.


TESEV has been in charge a data-based policy approach. For this, it looked at from the height of 95 centimeters, assumed to be the height of a healthy 3-year-old boy, and prepared interactive maps of where the poor children were concentrated in Istanbul and how and where the municipal aid and services were planned.


You can access the interactive city map, which is a concrete policy-based tool

(not recommended for use on mobile devices)


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