Istanbul had a nice women’s rights march last night… EFD Rights Watch…


An early celebration attempt met with police intervention…


İstiklal Street witnessed one of the most crowded rallies in recent years on March 8.
Tens of thousands of women march to mark International Women’s Day in Istanbul
Turkey: the map of violence against women

An interview with Ceyda Ulukaya, journalist and creator of the first map of femicides in Turkey – an original and appreciated data journalism project

Turkey riot police break up women’s rights march

Turkish police on March 5 fired tear gas to break up a women’s rights march in Ankara with some 15 protesters reportedly detained.
Turkey’s top business body has initiated a project that aims to encourage shareholders to promote gender equality in TV series, a tool considered effective in reaching the society, amid a research finding that most television shows reinforce gender stereotypes
Stating that Ankara Governorship doesn’t allow the demonstration due to State of Emergency, police intervened in the women who rallied in front of Çankaya Municipality. The 18 detained women were fined and then released.

Erdogan’s Next Target as He Restricts Turkey’s Democracy: The Internet

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has used legal means and emergency powers to turn Turkey into an authoritarian system. A new law to rein in the web is next on his agenda.
The EU institutions – notably the European parliament – kick up a big fuss about jailed journalists in Turkey. But not all journalists are ‘equal’ in Brussels’ eyes.
Union for Democracy, Dialogue Group, Equity and Justice Platform, Democracy First and Citizen Initiative organizations have issued a joint statement, declaring that “The demand and call of the civil society is a democratic union of forces.”

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