Italy election: What does the result mean?

Once political outsiders, a Eurosceptic movement and an anti-immigrant party are now the mainstream.

Trump steel tariffs: European Union gears up for trade war

US motorcycles, bourbon and jeans could be among the targets of retaliatory duties, warns the bloc.

The 2018 Italian election campaign viewed from Twitter

We have followed 1,579 candidates and tracked their Twitter conversations for two weeks now. Also, we collected 400,000 citizens’ retweets and replies to candidates’ tweets.

Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini at an electoral meeting of the centre-right coalition at the Adriano’s Temple in Rome, Italy, on 1st March 2018. NurPhoto/Press Association. All rights reserved.Italians go to the polls on March 4, and no one knows what will happen next. Observers and commentators agree that the election outcome is far from clear and that the latest polls are inconclusive. Voters are polarised over divisive issues such as taxes, the EU and immigration, and the electorate is roughly divided into three factions, each with about a third of the vote.

Understanding Italian elections 2018

Breaking down the Italian electoral system

Snow in Europe: Deadly winter storm brings chaos

The continent endures another freezing night with snow and ice claiming lives and causing chaos.

Europe freezes as ‘Beast from the East’ arrives

From the Italian ruins of Pompeii to the high German peaks, extreme cold hits Europe, killing 10.

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