In our bi-weekly family breakfast, I escaped to my parents’ spare room to do some reading. My nieces (5 and 3 years old) are as loud as possible as you can guess. When I entered the room, I was a bit surprised. The room of is full of my sister’s dowry! I can’t believe she bought all this stuff. She seems to be exaggerating the wedding process. again I thought. Normally I lie down on the sofa to read but this time I could only find that spot in this overwhelming amount of dowry exhibited here. I find a bit hard to digest this as she is an urban, education and soon-to-be-a judge woman. Anyway, I hope she will be happy.


My uncle, Hasan, who moved back to Bayburt to open up an animal farm and who had become the village head, is on the news. It seems that he is leading a villagers’ protest against dam building in the region. As I had to quit activism, my uncle resumes- kind of.

My latest publication- published a year later than it was scheduled to journal change etc- is now out. I have worked hard for this article. This is one of my most ethnographic take. Some of findings were already shared but here is it all:

Social Media in Turkey as a Space for Political Battles: AKTrolls and other Politically motivated trolling

In case you do not have access, click here to get it.

I did not announce another publication which was published last year. Worth looking at:

Tracking digital emergences in the Aftermath of Gezi Park Protests,

It was part of a special issue project:

Right to Public Space: Social Movements and Active Citizenship in Turkey

Guest Editor, Ayhan Kaya, Istanbul Bilgi University

  1. Introduction, Ayhan Kaya, Istanbul Bilgi University

  2. Terricide: Poisoning the Lungs of Istanbul, Efe Baysal,


    Candidate in Politics, Istanbul Bilgi University

  3. Right to Water: Politics and struggles concerning water, Sıla Pelin Oğuz,


    Candidate in Politics, Istanbul Bilgi University

  4. “Congratulations, Your Daughter is Pregnant!”: Right to Privacy in Turkey, Şervan Adar Avşar,


    Candidate in Politics, Istanbul Bilgi University

  5. Right to public space and right to democracy: the role of social media in Gezi Park , Stavroula Chrona, University of Surrey, UK, and Cristiano Bee, Marie Curie


    , Istanbul Bilgi University

  6. Tracking digital emergences in the Aftermath of Gezi Park Protests, Erkan Saka, İstanbul Bilgi University

  7. Nation Branding and Right to brand/Brand Turkey, Ayse Tecmen,


    Politics, Bristol University

  8. Is Participatory Local Policy Development Possible? The Case of Çanakkale, Zümray Kutlu, İstanbul Bilgi University

  9. From ‘right to be equal’ to ‘right to be’: Greek-Orthodox Community in Istanbul, Burcu Taşkın, Istanbul Medeniyet University

  10. Objecting Exclusive Holisms: German-Turkish Transmigrants vis-a-vis Nationalist Narratives, Melanie Weißenberg,


    Candidate in Politics, Istanbul Bilgi University

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