I don’t know what this means: “AKP lost judicial database to Gülenists: Erdoğan” and a roundup…

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) failed to prevent the Fethullah Gülen network’s seizure of a key judicial information database system, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has stated.

Combatting loss: refugees, employment and social entrepreneurship in Turkey

Turkey, at the crossroads of refugee flows, hosts 3.4 million refugees, while not granting them refugee status but a state of exception. Hospitality and hostility go hand in hand.

Life and waiting in a Greek refugee camp. Mehmet Kurt. All rights reserved. This week’s series, ‘Turkey: crisis and loss’, curated by Mehmet Kurt, will unpack the connections between crisis in contemporary Turkey and a politics of loss. It is inspired by a recent collaborative Queen’s University Belfast and Bilgi University Istanbul Global Challenges Workshop which took place in Istanbul in June 2017.

The workshop chose the concept of ‘loss’ to better understand social transformation in the context of internal/international migration and displacement in Turkey. We discussed ‘loss’ both in its psychosocial reading as a form of mourning, melancholia, nostalgia, sadness, trauma, and depression and within a social-scientific frame as contested sets of relations and structures of feeling in historical, economic and socio-political processes.

Turkey renames UAE embassy street after minister row

The symbolic change was made after a retweet caused a high-level diplomatic war of words.
Syrian shoe-shine refugee photo wins Turkish hearts

A photograph of a Syrian refugee gazing into a gym has resulted in a free lifetime membership

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