NYT piece on jailed Americans…

U.S. officials appear powerless to secure their release, and the dozen detainees may be bargaining chips in Turkey’s attempts to have Fethullah Gulen extradited.

Power relations in New Turkey and the naked truth

The power holders have almost unrestricted control over people’s freedoms and lives, as well as over how they perceive reality.

A view of Silivri Prison, near Istanbul,Turkey, 2014. Wikicommons/CeeGee. Some rights reserved.When the anti-terror squad raided the hotel on the island of Büyükada near Istanbul in the morning of July 5, the door of the meeting room was open. It was the fourth day of a training workshop, in which eight Turkish activists and two trainers from Germany participated. They were all arrested in the conference room of the hotel for their alleged association with an unspecified terrorist organization. The eight activists were Günal Kurşun (IHGD, Human Rights Agenda Association), İdil Eser (Amnesty International), İlknur Üstün (Women’s Coalition), Nalan Erkem (hYd, Citizens’ Assembly), Nejat Taştan (Association for Monitoring Equal Rights), Özlem Dalkıran (hYd, Citizens’ Assembly), Şeyhmus Özbekli (Rights Initiative) and Veli Acu (IHGD, Human Rights Agenda Association).

How Turkey’s Refugee Response Is Different

Elsewhere, the millions of Syrians who have fled civil war face humiliating conditions and little respite.

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