The government’s representative in Catalonia had blamed the Catalans for holding an illegal vote.
After a country-wide billboard campaign against the Hungarian-born US billionaire George Soros in the summer, the Hungarian government is now planning a referendum targeting a scheme by Soros that allegedly poses a threat to Hungarian culture and society. Hungarian commentators condemn the campaign as a propaganda trick.

Rebel without a state

Catalonia’s President Carles Puigdemont is betting everything on a split from Spain.

Debate: Was police brutality in Catalonia justified?

Hundreds of thousands of Catalonians have demonstrated against police brutality during the referendum on Catalonian independence which left more than 800 people wounded. The central government’s measures against the illegal referendum were appropriate no matter how many people come out and demonstrate, some commentators stress. Others call on the Spanish PM to resign.

EU law goes digital

Legal practitioners have so far stayed relatively immune from the digital revolution. But the situation is starting to evolve as technology issues enter the courtroom – from privacy protection to company law.

EU agency bids assessment brings ‘nothing new’

The commission said it did not have time to look beyond the documents each of the contending member states sent to the Council of the EU, which were already public.

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