#Journalism agenda: NEW IPI website calls on Turkey to release the 148 people in jail for practicing journalism




The Guardian – Kareem Shaheen – Mar 23, 12:00 AM

Six persecuted writers describe the mental and physical toll of living in the country that jails more journalists than any other

Revealed: the terror and torment of Turkey’s jailed journalists

Prisoners tell of solitary confinement and maltreatment after being caught up in ‘Kafkaesque’ media purge

Scores of imprisoned Turkish journalists face a Kafkaesque nightmare of legal limbo, farcical charge sheets, maltreatment and even solitary confinement in the country that locks up more reporters than any other in the world.


Avoiding articles from “the creep”: People trust news based on who shared it, not on who published it

From new mottos to television advertising campaigns, news organizations are refocusing efforts on why their readers should trust them. But new research suggests they should also focus on who their “ambassadors” are: The main factor in determining a reader’s trust in an article appears to be who shared it, not the news organization that published it, according to a study out Monday from The Media Insight Project, a collaboration between the American Press Institute and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

The German start-up founded in 2015 launched an international version of the platform in February

A new study confirms what you already suspect: Some people will believe anything if the right person shares it on Facebook. The Media Insight study, funded by the American Press Institute and AP-NORC, interviewed a sample of 1,489 adults on AP-NORC’s survey panel in the period between November and December last year. Media Insight created a series of fake social media posts sharing two identical articles from different sources — one article being published by the Associated Press, and the other by a fake site called DailyNewsReview. The participants were shown a mock-up social media post that showed the story being…

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