#ReinaMassacre “Jordan to charge 12 in online abuse of Istanbul Reina attack victims [I am not sure Turkey does the same:(

Jordanian authorities are planning to prosecute 12 Jordanians on suspicion of hate speech aimed at victims of the New Year’s nightclub shooting attack in Istanbul, Jordanian state media has reported
Why Istanbul nightclub attacker may be a Uighur


Revealing nom de guerre and Isis propensity to use Turkic-speaking groups point towards potential background of Club Reina attacker

Turkish officials’ claims that the prime suspect for the New Year’s Eve attack on the Reina nightclub in Istanbul is a Uighur – a member of the largely Muslim, Turkic-speaking, group – deserves to be taken seriously.

Turkish nightclub attack raises more issues of mistaken identity and social media

UPDATE: This article has been updated to blur the faces of the men featured in the images below

In the two days following the act of terrorism that claimed the lives of 39 people at Istanbul’s prestigious Reina nightclub, pictures of two men began circulating on social media, Both were accused of opening fire on the packed nightclub in the early hours of January 1st. Shortly after the images were shared, both men came forward to say they were not connected with the attack in any way.

The Istanbul attack marks a new age of terror in Turkey | Yavuz Baydar

State support of religious intolerance, Erdoğan’s security purges and a reversal of policy in Syria have left the country increasingly vulnerable to jihadi terror
An Islamic State Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) suspect who returned to Turkey after defecting from the group has been released from detention because he had a “fixed residence.”

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