#Eurosphere “Europe’s top court says UK surveillance rules are unconstitutional…


Last July, the European Court of Jutice’s Advocate General ruled that the UK’s mass surveillance regime was unconstitutional, triggering an appeal to the ECJ itself, which has affirmed that under European law, governments cannot order retention of all communications data; they must inform subjects after surveillance has concluded; must only engage in mass surveillance in the pursuit of serious crime; and must get independent, judicial authorization.

Refugee solidarity: the view from Ghent


A coordinator from the Ghent Taskforce on Refugees outlines that the best approach to integrating refugees is one grounded in solidarity, not charity.

The city of Ghent. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Some rights reserved.The city of Ghent, like other cities, is facing a growing number of refugees. In Belgium, the number of asylum applications doubled within one year.  Most of them (60%) are getting recognised as refugees. As a local government we believe in a pro-active approach. In fact, we believe in starting the integration process from day one. The moment asylum seekers arrive in Ghent, they are brought into contact with relevant organisations. In this way they can have a quick access to language courses, volunteer work, leisure activities… This is a two-sided approach, not only speeding up the integration process for the refugees themselves, but also allowing organizations and citizens also get to know newcomers. This is a way to address negative stereotypes and prejudices against refugees.

EU gives Poland more time to respect values

EU executive said it would be “fair” to give Poland two more months to answer allegations, but started considering a sanction procedure.

Berlin attack: Tunisian fugitive ‘had been under surveillance’

The Tunisian man wanted for the Berlin lorry attack had been under surveillance, media say.

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