#İstanbul Street Vendors and more from Istanbul…

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Istanbul Streets: I Hear Music

Istanbul’s street vendors chant their last songs amid the city’s gentrification.
Istanbul’s old Galata Bridge, which connected two important centers of the city for eight decades before it was taken to a rear point on the Golden Horn for restoration following damage from a major fire, has been entirely removed
Christmas markets are not just for foreigners, according to Catherine Bayar, the organizer of one of the few Christmas markets in Istanbul.

Shanghai and Istanbul to ‘write new history’

A road map with nine steps to make Turkey-China economic relations sustainable and balanced has been released by the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) and Turkey-China Business Council

Bargaining between EU and Turkey leaves Syrian refugees trapped in Istanbul

Abu Mohammed and his seven-year-old son earn a pittance peddling on the streets of Istanbul. Including their own, they have seven mouths to feed

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