On a BBC story on the success of Turkish TV shows in South America…

In a conference 3 years ago,in Skopje, Macedonia, someone from the audience stood up and yelled us, 2 academics from Turkey, claiming that Turkish TV shows are making Macedonians stupid. That was the first instance I realized how big this TV show industry has become.

Attributes of cultural similarities are interesting and I believe they are valid to a certain extent. In a sense, there are also political similarities in a twisted sense: When Latin American TV shows were popular in Turkey – back in 1980s, I was in love with Isaura as a child- most of producing countries were in political instability. Now Turkey is politically struggling while her TV shows all around the globe.
News author’s approach is too positive on the government’s approach to TV industry. Most of these TV shows are blamed to be “immoral”. There is a heavy taxation etc pressure on TV companies and they cancel some of these shows. I began to think, they are still produced because they can create revenues in exports so that they can survive domestically.
I assume there will also be some studies about the work conditions. Apart from the top artists who earn well expectedly, the work hours are too long and salaries are not. Turkey may end up collapsing this unexpectedly successful industry. A student of mine who acted in extra roles did quiet along with many of her friends because of the deteriorating work conditions…
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Unlikely story

A look at the reasons behind the growing success of Turkish TV shows in South America, where they are now viewed by millions of people.

As the two Turkish TV characters sat on a beach at night and looked into each other’s eyes, millions of viewers in South America held their breath.

“I’m afraid of losing you,” said Kerim, gently embracing Fatmagul and stroking her hair.

“You don’t have a reason to be afraid,” Fatmagul answered, looking at him with poignant eyes before they kissed….

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