A man drove a truck into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day, France’s national holiday, in Nice on Thursday evening, killing more than 80 people. The driver was shot by the police. Commentators are shocked and lament that after coming through the Euro 2016 unharmed, France has once again been hit by an attack.

In the aftermath of Thursday night’s attack in Nice, France, in which a truck drove into the Bastille Day crowds and killed more than 80 people, cartoonists have been taking to social media to pay tribute to the victims.


A lorry strikes a crowd amid Bastille Day celebrations in the French city of Nice, killing at least 84 people in what the president says was a terrorist attack.
Nice attack: ‘All hell has broken loose’

The BBC’s Roy Calley reports from Nice where a lorry struck a Bastille Day crowd.

Decision-making and disarray in the EU

The EU’s complex bureaucracy has prevented it from dealing with crises effectively, writes Antonia Colibasanu.
Several MPs for the Finns Party, previously the True Finns, have called for a referendum on whether the country should remain in the EU. Officially, however, as a member of the ruling coalition the party supports the country’s EU policy. Commentators criticise this dual stance and point out that Finland can’t afford to leave the EU.

Chilcot: all peaceful options were not exhausted

Tony Blair told Chilcot Saddam Hussein was, “a man to whom a last chance to do right is just a further opportunity to do wrong. He is blind to reason.”

Tony Blair facing growing calls to be brought to court following damning verdict of the Chilcot Report. Stefan Rousseau / Press Association. All rights reserved.In October 2002, the Oxford Research Group were approached by a senior Middle Eastern Prince with strong working ties to Saddam Hussein. The Prince wanted to become an interlocutor to talk to Saddam Hussein as part of attempts to avert war. He proposed to explore whether the Iraqi ruler could be coaxed into a quiet passage out of his country, somewhat in the spirit of Napoleon to Elba.

Portugal and Spain face becoming the first EU countries to be fined for running an excessive budget deficit, after a vote in the European Council.
At the Nato summit in Warsaw US President Barack Obama spoke out critically on the conflict over Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal. His words were then presented as praise for the government in a televised report by Polish public broadcaster TVP. The media discuss what he really said and whether he stepped out of line in expressing a view on the issue.
Theresa May takes over as British Prime Minister today, Wednesday after her rival for the post Andrea Leadsom withdrew from the race to succeed David Cameron earlier this week. Commentators believe May has what it takes to lead Britain out of the EU without too many negative repercussions.

Think of the children! What happened when politicians took to BuzzFeed and Facebook to argue about the EU?
New Statesman
But let’s not forget she’s best known for appearing on Splash! and making a “cock” joke in the Commons. Perhaps more surprising is how …. “We tell each other, perhaps next month will be better,” said the manager, Hasan Erkan. “But maybe tomorrow


18 people to blame for Brexit
New Statesman
The area’s old winding streets are most popular with western Europeans, so the thaws with Russia and Israel will make little difference. “We tell each other, perhaps next month will be better,” said the manager, Hasan Erkan. “But maybe tomorrow, maybe

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