“Significant Digits For The Istanbul Attacks

Significant Digits For The Istanbul Attacks

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foreignpolicy.com – Paul McLeary – May 29, 2014, 5:16 PM

The Islamic State has waged a yearlong military campaign in Turkey that includes suicide bombings, unguided rockets fired from Syria into Turkish border towns, and the assassination of Syrian journalists living there. The June 28 attack on


President Erdoğan needs to decide which is the bigger threat to his country

Turkey has suffered more than its share of terrorist attacks in the past year, yet its plight has received relatively little attention when compared to the intense international response to recent, similar incidents in France and Belgium. This apparent double standard has not gone unnoticed in Istanbul, where three suicide bombers attacked the airport last week, killing more than 40 people.

Attention in Istanbul Bombing Focused on Chechen Extremist

ISTANBUL — Attention focused Friday on whether a Chechen extremist known to be a top lieutenant in the Islamic State group was involved in the …
The Istanbul attacks are a reminder of how crucial internet freedom can be in a crisis

In one second, the evening went from laughter and camaraderie to frantic messages. I was out with friends late on June 28 when a news alert brought
Istanbul terror attack again raises question of where airport screening should start

Tuesday’s terrorist attack on Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul has again has renewed the debate among security experts about whether the …

Letter from Istanbul: ‘People are angry’

Istanbul – It was one of those texts you get just before switching off the bedside lamp. I was expecting it to be a loving goodnight message from my .

Photos Believed to Be of 3 Istanbul Attackers Emerge

Images have emerged that are believed to be of the three men who are suspected of launching an attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, killing 44 people
Three suicide bombers killed more than 40 people at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport on Tuesday evening. The Turkish authorities blame the IS for the attack. What goals are the jihadists pursuing with their terrorist attacks in Turkey?
The three men who carried out Tuesday’s deadly attack on an Istanbul airport were all from former Soviet states, Turkish media and officials say.

Across the world, from Australia to Amsterdam, landmarks were bathed in Turkey’s national colors of red and white on Wednesday as cities stood in solidarity with Istanbul.

Turkey says it has identified the Istanbul airport bombers

Three suspected Islamic State suicide bombers who killed 42 people in a gun and bomb attack at Istanbulairport this week were from Russi

Turkey’s in a Terrible Spot

Istanbul’s Atatürk International Airport was once a gloriously modern, efficient airport for a country with big ambitions. Over the last decade, it reached well beyond its capacity and became a frustrating slog for anyone accustomed to the hurry-up-and-wait aspect of international travel.

Carnage in Istanbul and the point of no return

Once the external anchor of Turkey’s democracy, the EU‘s normative influence has sunk as low as its reputation among its many erstwhile supporters, who now feel betrayed and abandoned.

Turkey Airport blasts. Family members of victims outside the Forensic Medical Center in Istanbul, June 29, 2016. Emrah Gurel /Press Association.

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