Eurosphere agenda: “‘Luxleaks’ whistleblowers convicted

‘Luxleaks’ whistleblowers convicted

Two whistleblowers in “Luxleaks” tax scandal get suspended jail terms as journalist on trial is acquitted
The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU has catapulted the question of EU membership to the forefront of France’s 2017 presidential election campaign, with the right and extreme right leading calls for a referendum. EurActiv France reports.
Roma evictions: Europe’s silent scandal

Despite ECHR rulings in their favour, Roma families are still being evicted en masse from their homes, often without any compensation.

Roma women cry as riot police arrive to assist in the eviction of more than 100 people from their homes in Bucharest, Romania, Sept 15, 2014.


Brexit, as seen from the Southern Cone

The dis-United Kingdom, now lacking a veto in the EU, is alone and isolated in its failure to respect the 41 UN resolutions demanding a resumption of negotiations with Argentina. Español

Dignitaries watch the remembrance service to mark the 25th anniversary of the Falkland Islands conflict in London. Alessia Pierdomenico / PA Archive/Press Association Images. All rights reserved


Tough call for Slovakia’s EU presidency?

As Slovakia prepares to assume the rotating presidency of the EU on 1 July, the Slovak media looks at the challenges the country faces in tackling the fallout from Brexit.
The Brexit Bodge: What they said


Three journalists from the La Libre (Belgium), the Irish Times (Ireland) and Politico Europe (EU/Brussels) discuss what’s happening behind the scenes of EU institutions.
This blog would have had a hard time starting off in 2008 withoutNosemonkey’s “EU blog directory“. Thanks to this list, I discovered what was, back then, basically the whole (relevant) EU social media sphere. But more than making me discover the EU blogosphere, Nosemonkey made me discover the UK’s distorted reality field that has contributed to the Brexit vote last week.
Journal 6.26.2016 Brexit to ISIS

Some items to think about:

  • Brexit is a true black swan.  Nobody in the mainstream, including the Leave camp, saw it coming.  Even now, based on the analysis being written, few people understand why it won.  Why did it win?  The cosmopolitan, financialized elites saw their incomes grow with globalization, but the deals they struck to “earn” those gains required throwing the bottom 60-70% of the country under the economic bus.  In fact, nearly all of the fast rise out of poverty seen globally was achieved by economically damaging the working populations of the developed world (particularly in the US and the UK).  That lopsided deal is a bomb of anger that has been growing for years.  A bomb that is now going off in the US and the UK.  Strangely, nobody in the establishment is willing to do what is necessary to defuse this bomb.  This means it will get much worse before it gets better.
The leaders of Gibraltar and Scotland discussed remaining within the European Union on Tuesday after a British vote to leave the bloc, a statement said.
Why Brexit Is Tearing British Politics Apart

Why are we here?

Fear wins in Spain’s elections

If Podemos members and leaders draw the right conclusions from Sunday’s elections, then this defeat will only make them stronger.

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias. Paimages/Francisco Seco. All rights reserved.As Spain prepared for its second general election in six months, all eyes were set on Podemos. Polls suggested that the anti-austerity party led by Pablo Iglesias would surge past the Socialist Party (PSOE), and even come close to beating the ruling centre-right Popular Party (PP). “Victory is at our fingertips,” Podemos’ leaders repeatedly proclaimed.


Juncker vs. Farage: The final battle

“I’m surprised that you are here. You were fighting for the exit. The British people voted for the exit. Why are you here?” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Tuesday in Strasbourg.
Brexit aftershocks hit Spain

Did Brexit have anything to do with the disappoiting results for Podemos in Sunday’s Spanish elections?

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias. Paimages/Francisco Seco. All rights

Brexit sad but no tragedy, say Baltic countries

Major social media players in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are generally saddened by the British vote to leave the European Union, but do not treat it as a crisis.
Boris Johnson will not run for the office of British prime minister. He does not feel able to unite the country, the most prominent Brexit advocate and former conservative mayor of London said on Thursday. Was Johnson the victim of intrigues in the Tory party?
UK and EU politicians send conflicting signals about how the UK’s Brexit negotiations should proceed.
Austria’s presidential run-off election must be held again, the country’s Constitutional Court ruled on Friday (1 July), handing the Freedom Party’s narrowly defeated candidate another chance to become the first far-right head of state in the European Union.

Brexit: the view from Eurasia

Whether you’re in Mariupol or Margate, politics has become an organic part of the tabloid press. Our media should change to tackle this.

27 June: Vladimir Putin addresses the audience at the United Russia party congress. (c) Ivan Sekretarev / AP / Press Association Images. All rights reserved.Over the weekend, Brexit revealed (or created, depending on your opinion) another crack in Europe’s fundament. Roughly speaking, the regional working and middle classes pushed back against alienation, of being written out of the conversation. In so doing, they aligned themselves with one strand of elite interests.

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