EU opens new phase in Turkey membership bid talks WHILE Turkey’s parliament passes law to restructure judiciary, bolstering Erdogan…

EU opens new phase in Turkey membership bid talks

The EU opens a new chapter in Turkey’s controversial EU membership talks, covering budget contributions to the bloc.
Turkey’s parliament approved sweeping plans late on Thursday (30 June) to restructure the high courts, in a victory for President Tayyip Erdogan that critics say will allow him to remove troublesome judges and tighten his grip over the judiciary.
Russian Economic Development Minister Alexey Ulyukayev has said that trade and investment relations between Turkey and Russia will be restored, according to a TASS report
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan could meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in late July or early August, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said July 3, private broadcaster NTV has reported

Turkey’s ‘bumpy ride’ into the European Union

The BBC’s Mark Lowen reports on the challenges facing Turkey as it tries to strengthen its case to join the European Union.

Putin officially lifts Turkey tourism ban

Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially lifted restrictions on tourism in Turkey after mending ties with Ankara over its downing of one of Moscow’s warplanes
Contrary to Presidential statement, Russian Leader Putin emphasizing Turkey has apologized to Russia expressed that the relations will normalize between the two countries.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on June 30 that Turkey had apologized for the shooting down of a Russian fighter jet last year, after Ankara said President Erdoğan had expressed “deep sorrow” over the incident
Turkey’s stalled European Union membership process gained new momentum on June 30, as a new chapter on financial and budgetary provisions was opened amid soured relations after the bloc asked Ankara to change its anti-terror laws before granting Turks visa-free travel to the Schengen area

Judge Denies Reza Zarrab’s Bail Request for Self-Financed House Arrest

Mr. Zarrab, a gold trader from Turkey, had asked to be allowed to live in an apartment under 24-hour armed guard and GPS monitoring, all at his own expense.
A U.S. court has ruled to start the trial of Reza Zarrab, an Iranian-born Turkish businessman who was arrested in Miami in March for attempting to evade U.S. sanctions on Tehran, on Jan. 23 next year

Judge Denies Reza Zarrab’s Bail Request for Self-Financed House Arrest

Reza Zarrab, a gold trader facing trial in New York, in December 2013. Mr. Zarrab had offered to pay for his own detention while awaiting trial.

Turkey- Reza Zarrab’s first hearing to be held in US in January 2017

(MENAFN – The Journal Of Turkish Weekly) A U.S. court has ruled to start the trial of Reza Zarrab, an Iranian-born Turkish businessman who was

US judge rejects gold trader’s bid for house arrest in Iran sanctions case

Turkish singer Ebru Gundes, left, with her husband, Reza Zarrab, who has been jailed in the U.S. on charges of helping Iran evade U.S. sanctions.

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