Eurosphere agenda: “Kerry urges European leaders not to take revenge for Brexit (!)

John Kerry urged EU leaders today (27 June) not to “lose their heads” and take revenge on the United Kingdom, after its decision to quit the European Union

Brexit reverberates

The prospect of Brexit-style referendums in other European countries is a major concern of press commentators today, against the background of a growing consensus that the European Union needs root-and-branch change if it is to survive this challenge.
In December 2011,’s partner, Milano Finanza, published a scenarioput together by British historian Niall Ferguson. It concerned Europe in 2021 and his predictions are already starting to materialise

Brexit vote: Bitter exchanges in EU parliament debate

Bitter exchanges mark the European Parliament’s first debate on the UK’s vote to leave, while David Cameron prepares to face his EU counterparts

How global media is reporting Brexit

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has caused widespread dismay in the global media, with many papers warning that the future of the entire EU is at risk.
Against growing internal and external threats, the new global strategy devised by EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini reinforces the soft power mantra and urges jettisoning the illusion that international politics can be a zero-sum game, has learned.

Brexit summit – the challenges

As the EU prepares for a crisis summit after the UK voted to leave the bloc, the BBC’s Laurence Peter asks where Europe goes from here

For Brussels, Scotland has become the good Europeans, England and Wales the bad.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon addresses the audience at the Residence Palace in Brussels on June 2, 2015. Virginia Mayo /Press Association. All rights reserved.As the UK descends into extraordinary political and economic chaos, with no political leadership visible anywhere in Westminster, what are theoptions for Scotland to stay in the European Union or at least as integrated with it as possible?

The UK’s EU referendum is not worthy of our respect

This referendum manifested a profound disrespect for democracy, in the way it was called, in the way the decision thresholds were framed, and in the way the campaign itself was conducted.

Chelsea pensioners at a polling booth. Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire/Press Association Images. All rights reserved.This referendum showed a profound disrespect for democracy.

Five models for post-Brexit UK trade

Norway, Switzerland, Canada or Singapore? What approach should the UK take to trade deals with the EU and others, once it leaves the European bloc?

EU referendum petition hijacked by bots

An online petition calling for a second EU referendum has been hijacked by automated bots adding false signatures

Spanish election: Socialists reject PP coalition offer

Spain’s Socialist Party rejects proposals to form a grand coalition with the Popular Party (PP), which won most seats in Spain’s repeat election

Spain has re-voted, but the deadlock hasn’t gone away

Spain has re-voted, but the deadlock hasn’t gone away

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