Update- 78 High Schools join graduation protests. “Students protest government-friendly principal at prestigious Istanbul high school…

The number of high schools publishing declarations has risen to 78 in the 14 days following the protests in İstanbul High School at the graduation ceremony.

Students protest government-friendly principal at prestigious Istanbul high school

Students at Istanbul’s prestigious Istanbul Lycée, known as the Istanbul Erkek Lisesi, turned their backs in protest at their principal during his speech at this year’s graduation ceremony on June 4

 In other news:

In Turkey, a Syrian Child ‘Has to Work to Survive’

Over one million Syrian children live in Turkey, and thousands work in factories or sweatshops to provide for their families, rather than attend school.
The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) is planning to upgrade its border security with unmanned bubbled surveillance systems dubbed “mini zeppelins.”

Airbus is sunk off Turkey to become artificial reef

Hundreds of spectators cheer as A300 jet is lowered off resort of Kuşadası on Aegean coast to attract more diving tourists

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