Swiss voters reject basic income plan

Voters in Switzerland overwhelmingly reject a plan to introduce a guaranteed basic income for everyone, whether in work or not.
A European network of rebel cities?

In Europe, it is the cities that once again lead the way as places of radical innovation and democratic renewal – and provide answers to the challenges we face in our continent.

It’s England’s Brexit

The referendum is an English question. When it is over the UK will need an English parliament. Chapter 10 of Blimey, it could be Brexit!

After the Brexit referendum – four political impacts to watch for

While a vote for ‘Brexit’ will create by far the biggest waves, whichever way the vote goes on June 23, there will be political fall out to contend with. Here are just some scenarios:

PA images/Daniel Leal-Olivas. All rights reserved.The outcome of the EU referendum remains too close to call. The latest ‘poll of polls’ puts ‘remain’ on 51% and ‘leave’ on 49%. With turnout expected to have a big impact on the final result – ‘leave’ voters being more likely to turn out than ‘remain’ voters – this size of lead is surely deeply alarming for Cameron, and the rest of the ‘remain’ side, in the final stretch of the campaign.

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