Meet Leviathan*: Child abuser sentenced, the charity behind cleared….

Ensar dan geçen yollar AKP ye çıkıyor  Ensar Vakfı nın

The Turkish teacher who abused 46 children was sentenced to 508 years in prison yesterday. However, the judge ignored his connections to Ensar Vakfı, which has become a gigantic foundation with the rise of AKP. The teacher used Ensar facilities. Initial indictment demonstrated how systematic Ensar was guilty of teacher’s abuses. And what is worse there might be other cases in unregistered Ensar dormitories and private courses. However, all AKP leadership mobilized to cover up Ensar’s role.

A Birgün daily news story by Onur Erem shows the connections of Ensar with ruling Islamist elites and their organizations…

The connections were made possible by Graph Commons. Here are the findings in full

*Reminds me the beginning of Russian movie, Leviathan in which whole small town leadership mobilizes to support a corrupt mayor against an ordinary citizen. Turkey is like a small town now… Some people felt Spotlight movie here obviously rings a bell but Turkey is not a country where media has that kind of power and where law has such an effect….


Turkish teacher convicted of child abuse sentenced to 508 years in prison

A local court sentenced a teacher to 508 years and three monts in prison on April 20 on charges of sexually assaulting 10 male school children in the Central Anatolian province of Karaman

In other terrible news:

The literacy rate for women is five times lower than it is for men in Turkey, according to data from the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK)

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