Turkey’s Green Crescent wastes huge resources to promote an international conference to prove technology addiction is bad

Main Objective – Uluslararası Teknoloji Bağımlılığı Kongresi

Here is the site in English

With the aim to continue knowledge and experience sharing and to open a space for experts where they can share their recent works, the Turkish Green Crescent Society will organize the 3. International Congress of Technology Addiction in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education and Culture Society and Family Association (KULT) in May 03 – 04, 2016 in Istanbul.

And here are the “main themes”:

Main Themes

  • Internet Addiction
  • Video Gaming Addiction
  • Online Pornography Addiction
  • TV Addiction
  • Cyberbullying
  • Social Media
  • Cyber Safety
  • Online Gambling Addiction
  • Mobil Phone Addiction
  • Online Shopping Addiction

Not a single productive event -such as organizing an hackathon- initiated by organizations like this one to increase digital literacy among younger citizens but always reactionary approaches…

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