I will be away from Turkey for a while; for nearly 3 weeks.

After a heavy workload and tense political climate, it will be good to be away for a while.

It is not a vacation but still functions like a vacation.

I am flying to Lisbon in a few hours with a colleague and a few students to attend an entrepreneurship camp. It started as an Erasmus IP program but not we have different sources of funding. This will be the third time in Lisbon and I feel like being at home to some extent.

I will then fly to New York to attend the COIL conference. Since my dissertation defense in 2009, this will be the first to go back to US. A little bit of excitement.

However, it is a tight schedule. I will fly back to Istanbul in 5 days to fly to Berlin to attend the BOBS Awards jury meeting. I will be back in Istanbul for sure by May 2 midnight to resume teaching and other stuff.

Just renewed by mobile to have Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Charged up my Kindle Voyage. Already have Vodafone Red Elite to be mobile easily while roaming. I am good to go and I hope to post regularly -as usual:)

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