Anthropology roundup: “The anthropologist as a curious subaltern…

The anthropologist as a curious subaltern? Thoughts on precarity and publics

The title of this post is meant to provoke. Or so I hoped, when I first thought of it one night as I was cooking (a very thought-inspiring activity, I must say). I was replaying a conversation in my head that I had with a visual anthropologist from Macau, who was trained in Berlin. Our conversation traced the postcolonial critique of anthropology, as well as difficulties of translating anthropological works for the public. The reason he calls himself a ‘visual anthropologist,’ he said with a laugh, is because the term gives him legitimacy in academic circles (he also gets invited to screen his films at various festivals). I think that, perhaps, doing so gives him room to be more eclectic than what a category would

An award announcement from the Association for the Anthropology of Policy, of possible interest to graduate students:

The Association for the Anthropology of Policy (ASAP) invites submissions for the 2016 Graduate Paper Prize. ASAP awards a prize of $250 annually for the best graduate student paper on any aspect of the anthropology of policy.

Anthropology grabs key role for businesses
Bowling Green Daily News
That’s part of the story. As a business anthropologist, you have to go deeper. The American Anthropology Association says that “anthropology is the study of humans, past and present, to understand the full sweep and complexity of cultures across all of

Research Methods in Anthropology Header

Registration: Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology

Registration for courses in the Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology program at the University of Florida is open. Four courses (listed below) are offered in Summer 2016. To explore the courses being offered this summer, and for information on registration and tuition, please visit the Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology. These courses are offered 100% online and no on-campus visits are required. The courses carry 3 graduate credits at the University of Florida and may be taken for credit or without credit. Courses are limited to 20 participants.

“Anthropology for peace”

In the Communications Unit at the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) where I work, there are posters from an old engagement campaign that read “___­­­­__ for peace.” The idea behind the campaign was that these posters were sent to supporters, who could then write whatever they chose in the blank space, take a picture of themselves, and post it to social media. The leftover posters made their way back to our office, where my colleagues filled in their own blanks: “web team for peace,” “fundraisers for peace,” and so forth. It struck me that these signs reveal the infrastructure necessary to organize a social movement in the U.S. today.

Tools We Use: Aeon Timeline 2

There are a lot of things in life that can be solved with a good timeline. While most people tend to think of them as a specialized way of visualizing data, or something they learned about in elementary school, I love them. I think all my major research projects have involved creating timelines — they provide a level of organization to any project that is valuable. This could be just keeping track of when you interviewed who, or it could be to keep track of a complex case study. It could just be to keep track of when your exam papers are due. Basically, since you exist in time, the visual display of time will always be useful.

Anthropology team, DNA might help identify Ohio remains
Bristol Herald Courier (press release) (blog)
AKRON, Ohio (AP) — An analysis by an anthropology team from a Pennsylvania school has provided clues about the man whose skeletal remains were found on a northeastern Ohio sidewalk in January. The Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office the …
Still no ID 3 months after human remains found on Akron sidewalkCleveland 19 News

German researcher visits OU to talk about ‘Father of AmericanAnthropology’
The Oklahoma Daily
OU’s Schusterman Center for Judaic and Israel Studies will host Dr. Mario Bührmann from Free University of Berlin to talk about Franz Boas, who has often been called the “Father of AmericanAnthropology.” The lecture will take place tonight at 7 p.m


Review of:

Steffan Igor Ayora-Diaz (ed.) Cooking  Technology: Transformations in Culinary Practice in Mexico and Latin America (London: Bloomsbury Academic Press, 2016).

Michael McDonald
Florida Gulf Coast University

Why I’m Voting for the Boycott Part 1: David vs. Goliath

Last November anthropologists attending the AAA business meeting in Denver voted by an astounding 1040-136 to endorse the resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions, but this was just a resolution to put the boycott to a vote, not an actual endorsement of that boycott by the entire AAA membership. The actual voting takes place by electronic ballot starting today, April 15th, and lasts until May 31. For this reason it is crucial that all AAA members, whether or not they support the boycott, vote to make their voices heard in this historic decision.

Anthropology lecture touches on burials, bones, artifacts
UTA The Shorthorn
Dr. Douglas Owsley, Division Head for Physical Anthropology at the Smithsonian Institution, speaks about double burials at the Jamestown colony at his lecture on Thursday in the Architecture Building Auditorium. The lecture, “Forensic Investigation of ..

Anthropology in the archipelago
Iowa Now
Ciochon outlined this theory of early human dispersal and speciation in an extensively researched paper published in the journal Evolutionary Anthropology. In their review, Ciochon and co-author Roy Larick argue that Homo erectus got happy feet .

The Decline of Western Civilization is anthropology with a backbeat
Sydney Morning Herald
Compiled over almost two decades they’re landmark works,anthropology with a backbeat. “At the time I didn’t say, ‘Thirty years down the line these will be historical documents’,” notes Spheeris, “but I did feel that what I was filming was important .

Dunham turned anthropology into artistry
UChicago News
Editor’s note: This story is adapted from Winter 2016 issue of the University of Chicago Magazine. Read it in its entirety here. As an undergraduate, Katherine Dunham, PhB’36, once attended a lecture by Prof. Robert Redfield, whose anthropological ..


This conference, taking place at Middlebury College on March 10-12, will be live streamed and recorded. The conference schedule is posted below. More information can be found here:


The Anthropology of Trump: Myth, Illusion and Celebrity Culture
Huffington Post
As an anthropologist, I see the rise of Trump from a cultural vantage. He is the embodiment of celebrity culture — a world filled with glitz, fantasy and illusion. It is culture in which shallow perception is more valuable than deep insight. If you
An Anthropologist among Future Seekers

[Savage Minds welcomes guest blogger Deepa S. Reddy]

For a few years now, I’ve been working in the space of future imagining—seeking out trends and rationales by which to extrapolate them or use them as jumping-off points as provocations to business, taking inspiration from start-up tech’s drive to search out uncommon solutions to common problems, setting sights on far-off horizons, and generally learning to ask “what if” and wish “if I could..” with impunity.

Meat Culture

You might have heard: The Obama administration released its new Dietary Guidelines for Americans in January to an outcry. While the new rules tell us to limit our sugars, they do not directly advise less meat consumption (as originally proposed by the federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee). Health and environmental activists are accusing the government of caving to the meat industry—allowing politics to interfere with American health.

Israeli Anthropologists Support the Boycott

Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions is pleased to share this letter we received from 22 Israeli anthropologists endorsing the boycott. As anthropologists critical of state power, who object to Israel’s gross violations of international law and crimes against humanity committed in their names, they urge members of the American Anthropological Association to support them and their Palestinian colleagues in putting pressure on the Israeli state by boycotting the academic institutions which are complicit in these violations and crimes. Due to the increasing atmosphere of intimidation and threats against boycott supporters in Israel, they have all signed anonymously as a collective.

University of Northern Colorado anthropology students to visit Sicily
University of Northern Colorado The Mirror
The National Science Foundation awarded a grant for a summer research experience for undergraduates, which will be led by Britney Kyle, an assistant professor of anthropology and director of the Bioarcheology of Mediterranean Colonies Project.

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