Goodbye:( Hasnain Kazim, the SPIEGEL Correspondent Forced to Leave Turkey…

Hasnain Kazim, bisheriger Türkei-Korrespondent des Nachrichtenmagazins «Der Spiegel», posiert am 01.03.2016 in Istanbul, Türkei. Foto: Can Merey/dpa (zu dpa «Keine Akkreditierung: «Spiegel»-Korrespondent verlässt die Türkei» vom 16.03.2016) +++(c) dpa – Bildfunk+++


SPIEGEL ONLINE – Mar 19, 8:34 AM

On our last day in Turkey, my family and I are not in the mood to go, but we have to leave the country. After several torturous months of uncertainty and concern, we have no other option. We fear for our safety. The bags are packed. The furniture…


Nowruz celebrations mark beginning of spring

New Year celebrated in colourful ways in countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan.
İstiklal street is İstanbul’s one of the most crowded centers that is populous every hour. It is quite empty after the suicide attack launched in front of sub-Governorship building at around 11 a.m. on March 19.
The government sets up and supports government-oriented ‘NGOs’ and increasingly sees the rest as a threat, says the head of Turkish civil society monitoring group. The space for civil society is shrinking under AKP rule, TÜSEV’s Tevfik Başak Ersen told the Hürriyet Daily News

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