3 Academic jailed, lawyers detained, a British academic Chris Stephenson who has been living in Turkey for decades, may be deported…

Academic Chris Stephenson detained at the courthouse where he went to support his colleagues has been released following his testimony was taken, yet police haven’t let him leave the building. Stephenson has been brought to Kumkapı Repatriation Center.
A British academic who was taken into custody on March 15 on suspicion of conducting propaganda for the outlawed PKK because of a Nevruz leaflet in his possession, has been released
An Istanbul court arrested three Turkish academics late March 15 for “making terrorist propaganda” when they read out a joint petition signed by more than 1,000 colleagues calling for an end to clashes between security forces and PKK militants in January
A police raid was carried out on the houses of eight lawyers from Libertarian Jurists Association who were taken into custody after the search towards this morning. The lawyers were not given any justification, there is a confidentiality order on the case.
Scheduled flights between Russia and Turkey by the two countries’ flag carriers have dropped almost 50 percent along with the number of passengers
The Venice Commission, the legal advisory body of the Council of Europe, has recommended changes to the crime of “insulting the president” in Turkey, pointing to the law’s “vague wording” and increase in related cases and penalties
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan appointed March 15 Hidayet Türkoğlu, a former basketball star, as one of his senior advisers, a presidential office source has said

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Access to social media cut in Turkey after Ankara terror attack

An Ankara court has decided to shut access to social media, including Fecebook and Twitter in Turkey, after the terror attack in the Turkish capital on March 13, killing at least 27 people.
At least 34 were killed while 125 wounded people were at hospitals as an explosion hit central Ankara on March 13, Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu has said

Ankara blast aftermath: medical teams rush to help injured- video

Ambulances and law enforcement arrive at the scene of a blast, believed to have been caused by a bomb, in Ankara on Sunday evening. The explosion occurred near Güvenpark, in the Kizilay neighbourhood of the Turkish capital. Latest reports indicate at least 27 people have been killed and over 70 wounded. Less than a month ago a car bomb killed 29 people and wounded at least 60 others in Ankara

The latest bombing in Ankara showed a more naked form of terrorism. The increase in terrorist attacks in Turkey, especially in Ankara, puts the government in a more difficult position.
Ancient City of Hasankeyf and its surrounding to be submerged because of dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant (HES) surrounding has been shortlisted for Seven Most Endangered program 2016 by Europa Nostra and the European Investment Bank Institute.
“My only dream is to sleep with the lights off” says 27-year-old Fadi Mansour a conscientious objector in Syria and now a refugee held in the airport in Turkey over one year sleeping in a windowless room with light on 24/7 without daylight.

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