Erdoğan suggests broadening definition of terrorists, Bayık declares total war, Peace demanding academics arrested…

Bayık speaking to Times correspondent Lody four days before the bomb attack which led to killing of 37 in Ankara, has said they will now sustain war everywhere.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan speaks in Ankara on Monday, one day after a car bombing in the capital killed 37 people. He says that it is important to broaden the definition of terrorists in the criminal code, so that ‘supporters and abettors’ are equally found guilty

Warrant has been issued for four academics declaring on behalf of Academics for Peace/İstanbul group that they are insistent on their peace demand.
Turkey Appears Set to Blame Car Bombing on Kurdish Militants

If the government does blame the Kurdistan Workers’ Party for a bombing that killed 37 in Ankara, it could mean more tension between Turkey and the United States over Syria.
The definition of “terrorists” needs to be broadened to include supporters of terrorism, who are equally guilty, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has argued in the aftermath of the third major suicide bomb attack to hit Ankara in the past five months
The ones who have lost their lives in the bomb attack yesterday in Kızılay downtown of Ankara.
Turkey has proposed taking back migrants from Greece in exchange for additional funds for supporting the refugees as well as accelerated EU membership negotiations. Paris and Vienna have spoken out against the deal. Will the EU go along with Ankara’s plan?
Directorate General of Press and Information has suspended yellow press cards of Özgür Gündem daily’s employees.
Turkish jets attack Kurds as Ankara bomb blamed on PKK

Targets in northern Iraq hit as Turkey’s President Erdoğan says terrorism ‘will be brought to its knees’

Turkey has scrambled fighter jets to attack Kurdish rebel targets, as security officials blamed the outlawed Kurdistan Workers party (PKK) for a car bombing that killed 37 people in Ankara on Sunday.


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