Inside Higher Ed piece: “Turkish Academe Under Attack……Literati roundup…

Turkish Academe Under Attack

Turkish scholars describe a growing intolerance for dissent.

February 12, 2016

In the early morning hours of Jan. 15, the antiterror police came to Yucel Demirer’s home. He was taken to police headquarters, where he shared a cell with fellow Kocaeli University professors who, like him, had signed a petitioncalling for an end to the military campaign against Kurdish separatists in southeastern Turkey……………

1,601 academics of whom 1,395 are from the US and 206 from other countries have declared their support for Academics for Peace Initiative.


5 overlooked LinkedIn tools for higher ed

LinkedIn has quickly evolved from being a social network for job seekers and recruiters to an expansive platform assisting professionals with every step in their careers, making it an ideal destination for universities as well. It is understood at this point that setting up a LinkedIn University Page and creatingLinkedIn Groups are beneficial for alumni engagement. Universities are also well served in leveraging LinkedIn Company Pages to recruit faculty and staff. But these features only begin to scratch the surface of all that the social network offers the higher education market. There are a variety of other opportunities on LinkedIn that enable universities to more effectively reach prospective students, encourage current classes to share their…

Why Are Universities Fighting Open Education?

A Tired Argument Over Software Patents Is Holding Up Common-Sense Reforms

In December, over 3,000 of you rallied in support in support of a proposed Department of Education (ED) policy that would make ED-funded educational resources a lot more accessible to educators and students around the world.

syllabus explorer

Earlier this week, we highlighted The 20 Most Influential Academic Books of All Time, according to a recent poll conducted in Britain.

How to Construct the Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

How to Construct the Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

Author Tim Powers is a master of the secret history genre. Here’s how he dreams up his wild tales.

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