In case you missed- Saying ‘Long Live Freedom’ can cost a player 12 games in Turkey…

Amedspor player Deniz Naki has been sentenced to exclusion from 12 official games and 6,000 euro punitive fine due to his posting on Facebook following his team’s victory against Bursaspor on Turkey Cup.
• Turkish federation bans Deniz Naki for ‘unsporting’ comments
• Midfielder made Facebook post after Amedspor won cup match
The need for help on refugees should not blind us to Turkey’s risky policies
Men have killed 30 women and two men near them in January, 26.6% of the women have been killed for seeking divorce/break up.
A Turkish actress has been acquitted of insulting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Twitter, daily Hürriyet has reported when Erdoğan was Turkey’s prime minister two years ago
A local court in Ankara has dismissed an appeal to block reports including profanity and hate speech, apparently directed at a number of academics who had signed a petition calling for an end to the ongoing violence in Turkey’s southeast, saying the reports were “within the scope of press freedom.”
A group of women from the Women for Peace Initiative set out on Feb. 5 for the southeastern province of Diyarbakır, in a show of solidarity with women who have witnessed conflict and curfews in the country’s eastern and southeastern regions
A local court in İzmir has handed down a postponed monetary fine for an incident in which several students were beaten by two riot police officers during the Gezi protests in 2013
President Erdoğan’s bodyguards have attacked on citizens protesting against Erdoğan.

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