Discrmination everywhere: “Amedspor declares no Going on Match without Fans

Amedspor, sentenced to play one game without audience by PFDK, has announced that they would not take the field against Fenerbahçe on Turkey Cup quarter final without their fans.
A Turkish court has acquitted an academic who faced seven years in jail for “terror propaganda” over an exam question about two writings by Abdullah Öcalan, the jailed leader of the outlawed PKK
Jiyan.org correspondent Hayri Tunç has been arrested on charges of “propagandizing for the terrorist organization” within his sharings on social media.
Yet another person among many others taking shelter in the basement and waiting for the ambulance in Cizre of Şırnak has lost his life. More than 20 persons can not be taken out of the basement and delivered to hospital due to shootings.
Ege University student Cihan Karaman, injured in Cizre whom ECtHR had granted an interlocutory injunction, has lost his life.
Children’s status as individuals and right owners should be recognized amid ongoing armed conflicts in Turkey’s eastern and southeastern provinces, Humanist Bureau co-founder Seda Akço has said
Military operations are continuing against the outlawed PKK in the Cizre district of the southeastern Şırnak province, on the 43rd day of a round-the-clock curfew
Three of the victims who had taken shelter in a basement over being injured during fire opened on them five days ago in Cizre district of Şırnak province, 25 injured others are still waiting for help. The walls of the building where they have hidden has gone to rack and ruined due to shootings.
TGC, TGS, ÇGD and DİSK Press Union have demanded Şırnak Governor Su to revoke the custody order for imc TV cameraperson Refik Tekin who has been shot in his leg in Cizre.
Police Department’s and Chief Prosecution’s custody order for Refik Tekin injured in his leg in Cizre includes the remark “separatist terrorist organization member”.

Demirtaş: Attack on School is Savagery

HDP Co-Chair Demirtaş has expressed that they strongly condemn the attack on school which has left five children wounded.
Militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) have detonated an improvised explosive device near a schoolyard in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır, wounding five students
Around 18 million students from pre-school education institutions and primary and secondary level students are starting mid-term break as of today (January 22) after getting their report cards.
President Erdoğan said that he has received a request for meeting from HDP MP Zana, and that he might accept it.
Former Tunceli deputy Kamer Genç died of cancer on Jan. 22. He was 75
The Kamerist Youth Movement was first and foremost a movement against itself by its very nature. I know because I started the movement

Kamer Genç, outspoken and colorful muckraker[1], the former deputy from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) who had been battling with cancer, died on Friday at the age of 76.

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