As “autonomy” uttered more vocally… “Probe opened for HDP co-chair’s ‘autonomy’ remarks…

The Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation on Dec. 28 over HDP co-chair’s remarks on autonomy as a part of articles regarding crimes against constitutional order and its operation in the Turkish criminal law
In the wake of the emergency meeting held due to the issue of ditches, curfews, operations, civilian deaths and armed conflicts, Democratic Society Congress has issued its declaration consisting of 14 articles.

HDP asks for autonomy, as PM cancels meeting on constitution dialogue

The People’s Democratic Party (HDP) has insisted on self-rule in southeastern Anatolia as Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu canceled a meeting with the party over the constitution, accusing the HDP of violence
Leading labor unions and professional chambers in Turkey have called for a one-day strike to demand peace as they protest government-led military operations in southeastern Anatolia
Diyarbakır Bar Head Tahir Elçi’s murder could “turn into an unsolved murder,” said Diyarbakır Bar lawyer Mahsuni Karaman, adding that the case’s footages should be examined by “independent referees”
Rights groups are warning of rising casualties in Turkey’s campaign against Kurds.

Freedom Falcons of Kurdistan claim ‘mortar bombs’ which killed one was a response to Turkey’s ‘fascist attacks that turn Kurdish cities into ruins’

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