Arab League denounces Turkish troop deployment in Iraq, Turkish PM vows to continue military presence in Iraq until “Mosul’s liberation”

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has reiterated his government’s resolve to maintain a military presence in northern Iraq until Mosul is “liberated”

Arab League denounces Turkish troop deployment in Iraq

The foreign ministers of the Arab League condemned on Dec. 24 a Turkish military deployment in Iraq as an “assault” on the country’s sovereignty, demanding Ankara withdraw the forces
In ongoing dispute, Iraq calls extraordinary meeting of bloc’s ministers to force troop withdrawal from its north.

The leader of Bulgaria’s ethnic Turkish party has been ousted from his post and expelled from the party yesterday (24 December), officially for declaring support for Turkey in its row with Moscow over the downing of a Russian warplane.

The Mosaic of a Syrian Family’s Flight

The death of Alan Kurdi, 2, which focused the world on the plight of refugees, was just one chapter of a sprawling family’s desperate attempts to escape the war in Syria.

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