100,000 people displaced in Turkey due to clashes in southeastern Turkey…

A police report on the effects of the recent clashes in southeastern Turkey has revealed that some 100,000 people have been displaced in five towns in the region, with 1.3 million people being affected by the repeated curfews

Erdoğan vows Kurdish rebels ‘will be buried in trenches they have dug’

Turkish president says operations against militants will continue as state-run news agency reports 115 Kurdish rebels killed

KCK has expressed that “All democratic forces, socialists, progressive humanity, human rights organizations, international forces sensitive to democracy and human rights of the world maintain a stance against the state and AKP government”.
The armed conflicts in Sur district which had been announced a risked area in 2012, raise doubts of urban transformation to displace the residents by force.
In the parliamentary question submitted to the Minister of Justice, Van MP of HDP, Tuğba Hezer, has asked about the number of arrested students and the studies concerning the rights to education and health.
A construction worker in Dilovası district of Kocaeli was arrested by a local court for insulting the Turkish president on the social media


ADIYAMAN, Turkey — There was little doubt among locals about what went on inside the Islam Tea House, a now-shuttered storefront tucked away on a humble side street in the southeastern Turkish city of Adiyaman.

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