“Turkey to hand body of shot-down pilot to Russia…

Turkey to hand body of shot-down pilot to Russia

Ahmet Davutoğlu did not say how body arrived in southern Turkey but says Moscow official will go to recover remains


Turkish PM Davutoğlu has stated the body of the Russian pilot was brought to Turkey to be handed over to Russia, in a press briefing held at Ankara’s airport

Russia ‘playing with fire’, warns Turkey, as Moscow imposes visa regime

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan steps up the war of words after Russia’s latest retaliatory measures in the wake of the downing of its fighter jet

Russia will introduce a visa regime for Turkish citizens as part of a range of measures to retaliate for the Su-24 fighter jet downed by the Turkish air force on Tuesday.

Turkey picks a side

Turkey’s careful balance with Russia and differences with the West over working with Islamist forces have long been a source of frustration for other members of NATO, writes Stratfor.

Discover the reasons behind the urgency of the EU-Turkey Summit through answers to 10 key questions ranging from the scale of the crisis to the shortcomings of regional and global responses
A shipment of 781 shotguns seized in Italy’s northern city of Trieste on Nov. 27 was in fact legal and en route to Belgium from Turkey, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson Tanju Bilgiç said on Nov. 28
Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a document Nov. 28 slapping sharp economic sanctions on Turkey that include banning Turkish employment in the country following Ankara’s downing of a Russian jet

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