Eurosphere agenda: High expectations for Paris Climate Conference while French police fire teargas to disperse climate protest #ClimateMarch

The UN Climate Change Conference begins in Paris on Monday. Given that more than 170 states have already tabled their climate protection objectives, some commentators are already calling the summit a success. Others criticise that agricultural reform and sweeping global investment in new energies are still not on the agenda.

Police also pepper spray activists defying ban on demonstrations in Paris, a day ahead of UN summit on climate change.
Global rallies demand climate action

Demonstrations take place worldwide to demand action to stop climate change, but a protest in Paris is hit by violence, with tear gas fired and 100 arrested.

FranceclimatecountdownUN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says governments’ pledges to cut global warming emissions aren’t enough and should be reviewed before 2020.

In his search for allies in the fight against the terrorist IS, French President François Hollande is meeting his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow today. An anti-terror alliance between the West and Russia is unrealistic, some commentators argue. Others believe the fear of attacks will unite the two sides.

But most French people do not view the new anti-terror measures as offensive to French values.
The Paris Climate Talks Will Emit 300,000 Tons of CO2, by Our Math. Hope It’s Worth It

Getting all those diplomats, negotiators, and journalists to the Paris climate talks will add about 22 seconds of carbon dioxide to the global yearly total.

Leaders from the EU and Turkish PM Davutoğlu gathered at a summit in Brussels with the goal of signing an agreement that will offer Ankara cash and closer ties with the EU in return for Turkish help in stemming the flow of migrants to Europe

Brussels lockdown ends, but threat still ‘serious’

“We remain on guard,” Charles Michel told a news conference. “The situation is serious, but according to indications from the security services, not as imminent as previously assessed.”


No broad coalition to fight Islamic State has emerged after talks between Russian President Putin and his French counterpart, François Hollande. But the two agreed to step up their cooperation as the basis for a possible alliance.

Kurdish fighters are using Mad Max inspired homemade tanks to take on Isis
The Kurdish armies currently fighting in Syria are the only military forces that have had any success in repelling jihadist forces that have taken root in the country’s bloody civil war. The Kurdish YJA Star Army, PYD and YPG militia have defeated regime forces to establish their autonomy, and have defeated Isis, Jabhat al-Nusra and al-Qaeda numerous times, driving the former out of the besieged..

Belgrade Waterfront – the dark side of ‘urban renewal’

The development project known as the “Belgrade Waterfront” vividly illustrates the mechanisms of dispossession and exclusion in the Serbian ‘transition progress’.

A protest against the Belgrade Waterfront. Source: Used with permission of author.If you come to Belgrade by train, it is going to be a long and slow ride. As slow as the Serbian “transition” to whatever it was once supposed to become, leaving along the way a deindustrialized county, a dysfunctional railway and citizens impoverished and betrayed by promises of a better life.

The French Council for the Muslim Religion says imams should be tested on theological knowledge and French values.

Fear and loaning in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Republika Srpska’s controversial referendum

While Europe’s focus is on the Middle East and the threat of terrorism, Bosnia and Herzegovina is may hold a referendum that puts the country’s fragile peace at risk.

A triptych entitled “Philately”- three skulls wearing hats traditional for the main ethnic groups in BiH show just how useless the ethnonationalist fights in Bosnia are. Emir Hodzic/All rights reserved. “The referendum is like throwing sand into the eyes of the voters”, says Boris Mrkela while stirring his Turkish coffee in Rahatlook, one of the cosiest cafes in Baščaršija, Sarajevo. “This is Dodik’s way to make them forget about the low pensions, the lack of salaries in the public administration, the loans”, he continues.

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