Journalism agenda: “Firstdraftnews.Com: First Draft Coalition launches a site to help journalists verify social content

Some news startups, like Eyewitness Media Hub and Storyful, are built around social media and user-generated content, with reporters trained in verifying and reporting from it. But journalists in most newsrooms don’t receive the same training, which can make it difficult to spot and then accurately report on emerging stories.

In September, Facebook announced Signal, a dashboard to help reporters gather news across Facebook and Instagram. And on Monday, a group called the First Draft Coalition is launching a website, First Draft News, that will pull together resources for gathering, verifying and creating stories from user-generated content.

On Covering the Paris Attacks, and Other Thoughts on Journalism

Arash Azizi reported on Paris' reactions to the November 13, 2015 attacks the day after at the scene of one of the attacks at Bataclan. Image from Manoto report.

Arash Azizi reported on Parisian reactions to the November 13, 2015 attacks near the Bataclan theatre, scene of one of the attacks, on the day after the events. Image from Manoto report.

It appears Circa may be making a comeback — of some kind.

The news app, which based around breaking down (and reassembling) news stories into atomized chunks, shut down in June after it was unable to find a working business model. The app and its corresponding site have been dormant since then. But yesterday some on Twitter, including some former Circa employees, noticed the site had been updated to say “Circa will be back soon…”

What’d You Miss? is a daily, hour-long show from Bloomberg TV that airs at the close of the U.S. markets, co-hosted now by Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu, Alix Steel, and Joe Weisenthal. The show launched aiming to bring a little spunk and excitement to often dry financial news and data. “Don’t think German bunds, GDP revisions, and oil storage capacity constraints are interesting topics?” wrote Weisenthal, who a year ago left Business Insider, where he was executive editor and a founding member, for Bloomberg. “We want to convince you that they are, and that you should care.”

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