Video: Some kids did climb the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge- İstanbul news roundup…

Pavel Smirnov and Özcan İpar climbing to 350-metre high crane of 3rd Bosphorus Bridge has said their goal was to draw attention to parkour sport.

New debate stirs on mosque construction in eastern Istanbul

Constructing a considerably large mosque in the heart of Istanbul’s Asian side is among the plans published by Turkey’s urbanization ministry, with a local municipality official saying the area in question is technically not convenient for construction

İstanbul-based Swedish artist’s installations tackle politics, systems

Swedish artist Allen Grubesic, who is currently living in İstanbul, is holding his first solo show in Turkey at İstanbul’s Pi artworks gallery, delving into

julien de smedt proposes new typologies for residential living inistanbul

the new housing developments that have sprouted up during istanbul’s recent construction boom have created a skyline of solitary blocks without .

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