For the record, “all identified Paris attackers were from the EU…


Despite the rumors that tricked more than half the state governors in the USA into enacting racist anti-Syrian policies, there is no evidence that the Paris attackers came from outside the EU. (more…)

VIDEO: Bataclan band: People died saving friends

Members of the band that was playing at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris when gunmen stormed the building last week have spoken out about the attack.
Talks about a collaboration in slowing the flow of migrants, gathering intelligence and tracking militants have stalled amid mutual distrust.

FRENCH PRESIDENT FRANCOIS HOLLANDE began his week at the Palace of Versailles with an appearance before parliament. “France is at war,” Hollande told the lawmakers gathered before him. Three days had passed since terrorists killed more than 120 people and wounded hundreds of others in a series of coordinated attacks in Paris. Hollande promised swift and decisive action.

‘They’ll think we are the enemy’: Refugees in Germany fear backlash

Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Germany fear that the attacks in Paris could further shift public opinion against the Berlin government’s welcoming asylum policy.

Terrorism will not go away. What are the implications of this sad truth? We face a long ‘simmering war’, akin to the Cold War, requiring strong nerves and smart actions over time.

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