Anthropology roundup: [American] Anthropologists Vote to Back Boycott of Israeli Institutions… Anthropologists take Terror in France and ISIS’ Revolution…

(draft, post in progress) More surveillance, more bombs, more border controls, less democracy, less freedom: Europe is reacting hysterically after the deadly terror attacks in Paris one week ago. How to make sense of what is happening?

The deadly terror attack in France has brought, as anthropologist Jeremy Trombley at Struggle forever writes, “the violence that people around the world experience on a daily basis back into our own sheltered and secured lives. They remind us not only that the world is a violent place, but that, perhaps, our lives are peaceful because there is violence elsewhere.”

US anthropological association approves Israel boycott
The Times of Israel
The boycott also means that Israeli institutions will be unable to access the AAA’s database of anthropology. According to US website Inside Higher Ed, the resolution stresses the distinction between individuals and institutions, and states that
Anthropologists Vote to Back Boycott of Israeli InstitutionsInside Higher Ed

Anthropology Association Moves Forward on Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) (blog)
The American Anthropological Association moved closer to a boycott of Israeli academic institutions on Friday, as members at the group’s annual meeting in Denver voted overwhelmingly to support a resolution calling for the move. The resolution now will
US anthropological association moves closer to Israel boycottThe Times of Israel
Anthropologists Vote to Back Boycott of Israeli InstitutionsInside Higher Ed

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Return of the Anthro/Zine

Last May I introduced you to Anthropozine, a new undergraduate venue associated with the journal Anthropology Now. The concept behind the zine was to get college students interested in engaging in earnest reflexivity by articulating their personal experience of encountering anthropology. The first issue, themed around the topic of “Food,” was a roaring success thanks to the efforts of our talented writers.

Savage Minds at #AAA2015

Welcome to Denver! If you are like me, you will be disappointed by the failure of the AAA to foreground the Mile High City  as the location of timeless classic Mork and Mindy. But you don’t be disappointed by the ridonculous amount of panels on offer. Savage Minds has a lot going on this AAA, so I hope you’ll join us at some of our events.

Anthropologists prepare to vote on a resolution to boycott Israeli universities
Inside Higher Ed
DENVER — Anthropologists gathered here for the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association are preparing to vote today on a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions as a means of protesting violations of Palestinian rights.
Anthropologists Set To Vote on BDS Measure at ConventionForward
Anti-Israel anthropologists defy logicThe Times of Israel (blog)

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Terence Turner, anthropologist and human rights advocate for indigenous people …
UChicago News
His wife, Jane Fajans, a professor of anthropology at Cornell University, said Turner’s activism began when the Brazilian Indian Agency asked him to investigate Brazilian nationals’ incursion into Kayapo territory for both gold mining and poaching.

The Anti-Boycott Resolution: Entrenching the Status Quo, Denying Justice

Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions rejects the anti-boycott resolution put forward for a vote at the AAA meetings. While claiming to support peace and justice for Palestinians, it reproduces the very structural inequality that drives the conflict.

Vote No on the Status Quo, Vote No on Resolution 1

Vote Yes for Real Change and Justice, Vote YES on Resolution 2

For more information on the upcoming boycott vote on Friday November 20 at 6:15 pm, see Voting at #AAA2015 — What You Need to Know. VOTE YES on Resolution 2, for the boycott.

A Call to Action: Fieldnotes on Bringing the Black Lives Matter Movement Home

[Savage Minds is excited to present the second essay in the “Making Black Lives Matter: Reflections on the Declaration and the Movement“series. The author,Nicole Truesdell, is Senior Director of Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Beloit College. Her research focuses on race, racism, citizenship and belonging, community organization and activism, inclusion and equity in higher education, and radical black thought.  A founding member of #blacklivesmatterbeloit, Nicole is committed to pushing against dominant narratives to ensure marginalized voices and bodies are seen and heard.]

Stand in the Place Where You Live

Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions presents this compelling statement of support from the perspective of Latin Americanist anthropologist Diane Nelson.  She connects the struggles in Guatemala to those in Palestine via US empire and colonial processes of enclosure and dispossession. Just as the AAA has acted in the past to affirm that Guatemalan lives matter, it is time to assert that, in Nelson’s words, Palestinian lives matter too.

For more information on the upcoming boycott vote at the AAA, Friday November 20 at 6:15 pm, see Voting at #AAA2015 — What You Need to Know.VOTE YES on Resolution 2.


Stand in the Place Where You Live

Diane M. Nelson

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