Journalism agenda: Pew Report on Countries, press freedom and national security…

Countries differ in support for press freedom, especially for reporting on national security

CNN Punished Its Own Journalist for Fulfilling a Core Duty of Journalism

CNN yesterday suspended its global affairs correspondent, Elise Labott, for two weeks for the crime of posting a tweet critical of the House vote to ban Syrian refugees. Whether by compulsion or choice, she then groveled in apology. This is the original tweet along with her subsequent expression of repentance:

In early 2013, New York Times health reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal wrote astory on the Times’ Well blog about the challenges of getting a quote for how much a hip replacement surgery would cost.

NYT-Hips – Michael Calderone

NEW YORK — CNN global affairs correspondent Elise Labott tweeted on Monday morning that President Barack Obama, speaking at the G-20 summit in Turkey, was ‘wining [sic] about criticism instead of presenting ideas’ for how to deal with the…

Paris is currently in the global limelight because of the terrorist attacks last Friday, but at the end of the month delegates from around the world will converge there for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. News organizations around the world are sending reporters to the summit, known as COP21, and plotting how to cover the talks efficiently and movingly, when the meat of the event involves people arguing in conference rooms.

Is local news worth a dollar a day?

That’s the fascinating question The Boston Globe is now posing to its local readers. It’s a query that should resonate among the press around North America and Europe as well.

How one blog helped spark The New York Times’ digital evolution

Last month, The New York Times announced that it was formally shutting down City Room, the metro blog that it had been running since 2007. Even before its closure, it had been reduced in recent years to just a repository for acoupleongoing features — a far cry from the lively, webby blog it had once been.

So one move is in the direction of quality. Alex Blumberg, the public radio reporter who left to start Gimlet Media in 2014, describes what he’s trying to build as the “HBO of podcasting.” “We take more time, we spend more money, and we try to hone and craft more than 95 percent of the podcasts out there,” he said earlier this year. “I think podcasting still has an association with something that two dudes make in their basement. There’s a Wayne’s World connotation to it. But I think of them as shows: sleek, produced, where you have people who are good at it doing it.”


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