Journalism agenda: “Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2015

David Levy, director of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism­, recently presented the latest edition of the Digital News Report at the Lisbon Council.

Here is the link to the document

CNN Int’l and CNN Türk: How they differ

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu was on CNN International

Paris and Beirut: journalism’s selective compassion

Is it editors, journalists or audiences to blame?

Flickr/Moyan_Brenn, CC BY 2.0

Robot journalism: The end of human reporters?

We explore the rise of automated journalism and its implications for news reporting.

Editor’s note: There are lots of new stories to read from our sister publicationNieman Reports as it rolls out its new issue. But Nieman Lab readers might be particularly interested in this story, by longform narrative writer Neil Shea, about discovering new storytelling possibilities in short posts on Instagram.

How Storyful is turning Slack into an extension of its newswire

Usage of the messaging app Slack has exploded. The company says it has 1.25 million daily users, tenfold growth in just a year, and all kinds of news organization — from The New York Times to us here at Nieman Lab — use Slack.

From Nieman Reports: To fight ad blocking, build better ads

In June 2015, an estimated 198 million Internet users around the world were blocking ads, up from 39 million in January 2012. Those data points come fromthe most recent annual trend report produced by anti-ad blocking software maker PageFair. The report estimates that 6 percent of global Internet users, and 16 percent of those in the U.S., were actively using ad blocking by June 2015.

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