Before the #G-20 Summit, “EU progress report slams Turkey over rule of law, free speech

The European Union accused Turkey on Nov. 10 of backsliding on the rule of law, rights and the media, calling on the new government to take urgent action in a sensitive report that Brussels held back until after elections
EU criticises Turkey on human rights

The European Commission accuses Turkey of significant failings on human rights and democracy, in a delayed report on its EU membership prospects.
Turkey’s government details its security preparations for an upcoming G-20 Summit in Antalya, boasting of its extensive measures
The issue of Syria will extensively be discussed at the G-20 Summit, Presidential spokesperson İbrahim Kalın has said, noting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will hold a dinner meeting at which the migration crisis and global terrorism will be on the agenda
United States President Barack Obama held phone conversations with top Turkish officials late Nov. 9 to discuss the agenda of the upcoming G-20 Summit that will be held in Turkey and to exchange views on recent developments in Syria

400,000 Syrian kids in Turkey not in school, report says

More than 400,000 Syrian refugee children in Turkey are unable to attend school despite a Turkish government move allowing them access to the Turkish schooling system, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a report

Syrians ‘not at school’ in Turkey

Human Rights watch calls for urgent action after a report finds over 400,000 Syrian refugee children living in Turkey are unable to attend school.

Leopold Traugott is the director of Campus Europe and a Young Voices Advocate.

“Entire generation at risk” as 400,000 Syrian children miss formal education in Turkey, Human Rights Watch says.

How one German city is coping with refugees

How one city is coping with refugee influx

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