While Fears of government seizure spill over to Turkey’s universities, “Turkish PM hires top PR firm in EU capital…

the Pulse of the Middle East – Nov 6, 1:14 AM

Author: Tulay Cetingulec November 6, 2015 A week before Turkey’s Nov. 1 elections, Koza Ipek Holding, whose 22 companies include a media group, were handed over to trustees under a judicial ruling requested by the chief prosecutor’s office in

EUobserver – Andrew Rettman – Nov 6, 12:18 AM

“The company is providing communication support to highlight the prime minister’s leading role in international efforts to address the refugee crisis and his commitment to open dialogue and consensus, which is crucial to ensuring the…

Here at our Hürriyet headquarters in Istanbul, we have been living together with policemen; the riot squads who have been here protecting us since the mob attacks

Turkey’s Troubling ISIS Game

Islamic State militants are now embroiled in the age-old conflict of Turks and Kurds.
Police attempt to detain bianet reporter Kural by handcuffing from behind has been subject to parliamentary question of CHP deputy Tanrıkulu.
Following Russia’s intervention in Syria, now the U.S. announced last week that it will deploy troops in northern Syria. Right after this, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioğlu said two days ago that Turkey plans to take military action against ISIL in the upcoming days
Following its surprising election win on Nov. 1, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) is planning to reshape the composition and portfolios of Turkey’s council of ministers

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