Journalism agenda: “Journalism’s human cost

Journalism’s human cost

Journalists continue to bear the consequences of bringing information to the public in an increasingly dangerous field.

Independent journalism and the future of the CBC

We look at the state and the future of Canada’s public broadcaster and ask what the election means to the CBC.

Reuters report: Across Europe, digital news consumption and access via mobile devices is varied

Allegiance to traditional media like TV remains strong in many European countries. Many of these countries also see a low proportion of people paying for online news. But the newly released supplement to the 2015 digital news reportfrom Oxford’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism also found somesignificant differences between the six new countries it examined.

It’s important to note that the findings from these six countries — Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, and urban Turkey — are meant to serve as a base for tracking changes in digital news consumption in the coming years. Highlighted below are some findings that in particular could be useful to, say, a news organizations considering international expansion.

We explore the love-hate relationship between the media and Donald Trump; plus, the future of Canada’s CBC television.

BERLIN — When The New York Times announced that it would create a separate, centralized group of editors and designers to focus on producing its daily print product, those at the German publishing giant Axel Springer’s Die Welt took particular notice of the change:

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